Friday, November 16, 2007


This recipe might be more for useful for purposes of novelty, interest, and pure speed. If you find yourself in a spot where you need to put together a unique cake in thirty minutes or under, here's your recipe. It's a cake mix, canned frosting, a little fruit, some white chocolate, and more red food dye than a dozen humans need consume in their lifetime, but it was such fun for the kiddos and they did it themselves with just guidance from me. All I did was "the hot stuff", as #1 son calls it. I put the cake in the oven and got it out.

White cake mix (I usually add 1/2 capful of vanilla and a drop or three of almond flavoring to improve...)
Can of white (reduced sugar) icing & red food dye
1 block of white chocolate, grated
1 banana, sliced supposed to look like mushrooms
a few strawberries, sliced supposed to look like pepperoni
blueberries or grapes supposed to look like olives
Disposable pizza pan

Bake the cake mix by directions on box, in the pizza pan. It took 20 minutes to bake since it's spread so thin, by the way. Dye the icing red to resemble pizza sauce and spread over cooled cake, to within 1/2" or so of edge. Sprinkle white chocolate over icing. Place fruit on top randomly.

You could use all kinds of other things for toppings. I got the idea from Family Fun Magazine. They suggested green fruit leather for peppers, etc.

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