Sunday, October 7, 2007


OK went to friends' last night for dinner and Clay cooked chicken piccata for dinner with garlic mashed potatoes and a salad. But here's the star that stole the show. The reeeeeeeally big shoooooow. THE GARLIC SOUP oh yeaaaah. Guaranteed this'll be in the top three of the easiest soups you'll ever make. It's not hearty, it's a broth-type soup. You gotta have crusty toasted bread with it so you can sop. Here's what he did.

5 large cloves garlic
olive oil
Sazon Goya flavor packet
2-3 baby carrots

Chop five cloves of garlic and saute them in olive oil until they barely barely have a little color, really just a minute or so.

While garlic is going, pour two boxes of chicken stock in a dutch oven and turn eye on med-high. Add 1 cup water, or more to taste.

Sprinkle in Sazon flavor packet (this is saffron, or that's the biggest flavor I tasted in it). He gave me some packets to bring home but the ingredients aren't on the individual packets. The powder is very yellow so I'm pretty sure I'm right on the saffron.

Put carrots in a parmesan cheese grater and grate into the soup.

Turn soup down to medium low and cover, let simmer.

THAT'S IT. It doesn't take any time for the carrots to cook since they're grated, so it's almost done right away.

I'm telling you I ate TWO bowls of the stuff. My ten year old SON even ate a bowl. I can see all KINDS of possibilities for using this as a base for other soups, too. I bet it freezes well. I bet you could throw in just about any seafood, pasta, you name it.

Clay got this recipe from the chef of an oceanside restaurant at Fernandina Beach where they charge an arm and a leg for a bowl of it......



doodles said...

Dang...what could I sub for the Sazon? And yes it is saffron and I'm am allergic to saffron.

But boy does this sound good.

tiedye said...

I dunno but that Sazon has MSG in it anyway, so I think I'll be using it sparingly anyway. I'm thinking I'll use Adobo, coriander maybe?

You know what, I was even thinking for a different variation I would use a pinch and a half of smoky paprika, too. I mean it's not like you can overpower the garlic, KWIM?

HTE Chefs said...

must do some experimenting........MSG would put me over the edge HA!!!