Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Oh boy oh boy oh boy this contraption gizmo-ish appliance thingie is my favorite new friend - I mean find.

Aroma brand. . . inexpensive too. Ok so here's what I did.

I put the rice and water in according to the instructions, and I let it soak for about ten minutes. The directions say if you like your rice soft to do that. We do.

Then I put in the steamer basket and added bnls sknls chicken breasts pounded thin, peppered and sprinkled sparingly with Cholula sauce. (Tabasco would work if you don't use Cholula but I love the Cholula because it's a little smoky.)

Thennnnn, I sliced crookneck squash in thick chunky slices and put them on top of the chicken breasts, loosely with air inbetween so I could see a little space between them. Then I salted and peppered those and smashed a little dried thyme and winter savory in my hand together and sprinkled over the squash. Just a little.

Then, I shut that sucker and timed twenty two minutes, and DINNER WAS SERVED! Well I did throw a pat or three of Smart Balance into the hot rice and toss it around.

I have never had rice so good. It was so fluffy and delish. My boys shoveled and shoveled until every single MORSEL was gone. The chicken was moist and flavorful. The squash was just right and NOT squeaky - there's nothing worse than squeaky squash. Blech.

It's a keeper. And the next time I use it (already have the meal planned - basmati rice, smoked sausages and sweet potatoes) I'm doing yet another thing with it at the same time I'm cooking dinner - I'm steaming my face...HA! This thing puts out a slow, steady stream of steam until the rice is done. Then when it's done it starts slowing down - that's sorta how I could tell it was 'bout ready. So after dinner I started thinkin', hmmmmm, why should all that steam go to waste? There is jis no guud reezun.

So I don't know who likes the new addition better me....or the guys. But who cares, it's a hit. It's stayin'.

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Anonymous said...

oooh, Tie, I see you bought the rice cooker! =o) Glad to hear you like it!